A complete pool package comes with everything required to use your pool ready to swim. This includes:

  • Fiberglass Swimming Pool
  • Pump & Filter System
  • Skimmer & Return Jets
  • Chlorinator
  • Underwater Light (Some Pool Models Only)
  • Delivery & Installation
  • Starter Chemical Set

Well you know our answer is going to be FIBERGLASS! but there are many reasons why we think that. It all comes down to personal preference but the the main reasons why we prefer fiberglass are

  • They are easier to install than a cement pools
  • Quicker to install (Can be completed in around 5 days)
  • Cement pools are prone to problems after several years, tiles fall off, grout cracks, the ground moves and causes cracks and all of this can lead to expensive maintenance. A Fiberglass pool is a solid unit which is VERY hard to break. It does not crack, and if the ground moves the pool moves with it. Plus IF you did ever have a hole, and we cannot imagine how this would happen, maybe someone throws a spear through the pool bottom…. anyway.. to repair it you simply drain the pool, re cover in fiberglass, let it dry and VIOLA ready to refill. Very quick and inexpensive.
  • If you move you can dig the pool out and take it with you.
  • You can install Above or In Ground

Less Maintenance and Chemical Costs

Compared to the traditional vinyl liner and concrete pools,  a fiberglass pool surface inhibits the growth of algae, thus reducing the amount of time and chemicals needed to maintain the pool.

No Liner Replacement, Plastering, or Painting

Any other type of pool surface will require long-term maintenance or replacement.

Beautifully-Crafted Designs

Fiberglass pools allow you to add many features difficult with cement pools. In each of our fiberglass pool design, you will find strategically-placed benches, sun ledges, step-outs and more. This not only makes the pools perfect for play but for getting the most fun and function out of every design.

High-End Options Without The Costs

Fiberglass pools can offer you high-end options traditionally found in concrete pools without the costs associated with traditional concrete construction.


Pets are family too. Fiberglass pools are known to be the most pet-friendly pools. With fiberglass, you don’t have to worry about your pet producing tears or punctures like you would in a vinyl lined pool. It is also important to note that fiberglass pools are typically designed with steps for easy entry by your family pet. 

We would normally do a site visit to look at the pool location. The site visit will look at the ground, access to the site, route to the location and all other matters which could be a problem for the installation. This includes

  • Any low bridges on delivery route
  • Low cables / Road Obstructions
  • Tight Turns
  • Access problems for cranes and lorries
  • Ground Condition
  • Pump location
  • Electric Supply

In most cases a fiberglass pool can be fully installed within 5 days.

Basically YES. We have both above ground and inground pools available. Even if you did install an In Ground Pool there is nothing stopping you moving it later. It may cost you a 100,000 baht to dig it out, transport to a new location and re install it BUT it is still your pool, and cheaper than buying a new one.  We don’t get many requests to move pools but it can be done. 

When most people imagine a swimming pool, they associate it with relaxation, fun, and refreshment. While pools do facilitate these great feelings, pool owners often get so caught up in decisions about pool details that they don’t have time to properly enjoy their luxurious investment. One of the biggest decisions to make is whether to go with a salt water pool or chlorine pool. If you ask five people for their opinion, you might get ten answers. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons.

Salt Water vs. Chlorine

First of all, you need to remember that BOTH types rely on Chlorine to keep the pool clean. Chlorine pools introduce the chemical in concentrated forms and Salt Pools use an electrical process to produce chlorine.

When comparing salt water and chlorine pools, two factors are usually considered: cost and health.

  • Cost. The cost debate between salt water and chlorine pools is very heated. It is cheaper to own a saltwater pool up front and you will save money on chemicals each year. But does the cost advantage still exist three years down the road? After a few years, most owners of salt water pools find themselves replacing wood decking and metal parts, as well as the pool’s chlorine generator cell.
  • Health. While cost is generally looked at as the primary point of comparison between the two, health should be number one. Chlorine — the standard chemical in pools — is used to keep harmful bacteria away from humans. In chlorine pools, the chemical is purchased in highly concentrated levels and added to the water. In saltwater pools, the natural process of electrolysis turns the salt into chlorine. Which is better? Many people believe natural chlorination is better, because it exposes people to fewer toxins. While rare, it is possible for humans to become overexposed to chlorine.

What You Need to Know

Here are a few answers to some of the most popular questions regarding saltwater pools:

  • Does a salt water pool need special equipment? Yes. As mentioned above, saltwater pools require installation of a salt chlorine generator to convert salt into chlorine.
  • Do saltwater pools feel any different? Most people find saltwater pools silky-smooth and less irritating. They also don’t put off a chemical chlorine smell.
  • Do saltwater pools require more maintenance? The answer depends on who you ask. As far as regular servicing goes, probably not. But they have the potential for higher levels of maintenance as the pool ages.

What Problems Are Associated With Salt Water Pools?

The main thing about a salt water pool is the effect it has on the surrounding area. Salt water will erode wood decking,  spoil plants, ruin steel railings and cause other damage far quicker than a Chlorine Pool which means the general maintenance of the surrounding area will be more frequent.